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The laboratory archeological restoration was founded in 2014 according to the demands for the projects conducted by the Research Center. With the equipment of DAKMAR Laboratory, it is possible to restore and preserve the cultural heritage and collections which are found from King Hill Recovery Excavation. In the central laboratory of DAKMAR, the scientific studies are advancing day by day, following technological enhancements and new systems.

During the time it is desirable for DAKMAR Laboratory to do restoration and conservation not only for metal properties such as copper, silver, bronze and troops, but also for all organic and inorganic movable cultural properties such as iron, pottery, terracotta yoprak, stone, glass, mosaic, and wood. Furthermore, the restoration and conservation problems and their solutions related to various analyzes and design work can be done in the center for the stone and mud-bricks which are unique in terms of archaeological and historical architectural features. By recording the documents and archiving the processes of all the works which are done in DAKMAR laboratory; we protect our common heritage and cultural assets in order to pass them on to future generations in an appropriate way.