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Resmiye Alpar Atun is graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University, Department of Architecture in 1998. She completed her Master Studies in Middle East Technical University, Ankara, in the department of City Planning, programme of Urban Design. After completing her master study, she started her PhD. Study in Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul and completed her PhD study in 2004, in the field of urban design. She is currently teaching at the Faculty of Architecture at the Eastern Mediterranean University.

Her relevant research fields, includes; Regeneration issues, policies and strategies in various contexts (historic/urban/rural) Sustainable Urban Development/ Planning Issues/Policies, EU Spatial Development Perspective/Policies, Contested Cities (ethnic, socio-economic, religious based divisions within urban context),Architectural Design, Urban Design, Urban Governance and User Participation ,Identity and Ethnic Representation in Spatial Context, Housing Issues.