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Bulent Kızılduman was born in 1975 in Nicosia, Cyprus. In 1993 he received Protohistory and Near Eastern Archaeology degree from Hacettepe University Faculty of Archaeology with a thesis about "Late Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean Sea Trade". Then, again in the same university he got master's degree with a thesis named "Early Middle Cyprus Age Mining İncesu Under Light Rescue Excavations at the Bronze Works" and then completed his Ph.D. with a thesis named "Late Cyprus Age Architecture Development and Building Systems". During the doctoral process he has got the European Union scholarship and did scientific studies in the University of Tubingen in Germany.

He is an Assist. Prof. Dr. Faculty member in Cyprus Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Education and also from the end of 2013 he is the head of the EMU Eastern Mediterranean Cultural Heritage Research Center. As a writer and conductor of "International Kaleburnu King Hill Rescue Excavation Project" he is an active member in doing many national and international professional and civil society organizations. At the same time he was referred as an advisor in various cultural heritage issues and projects at UNDP. He also has published many academic studies in international and national magazines about workspace.