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Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to sustain a dynamic research center guiding parallel multi-disciplinary research activities and conducting project on tangible and intangible heritage and its sustainable conservation through supporting collaborates work.

Our Mission

The mission of DAKMAR is:

  • To introduce scholarly academic methods and principles in concerning both tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
  • To provide an important understanding of the physical and non-physical cultural heritage and heritage value.
  • To achieve better incorporation of the cultural life, creative activity and the economic and social world.
  • To achieve greater accessibility to public by supporting collaboration.
  • To encourage or integrate interdisciplinary approach for the conservation of cultural heritage.
  • To lead excavation with international collaborations.
  • To introduce contemporary methods, rules, principals in effective conservation.
  • To make qualified publication and other materials of archeological historical and cultural issues.
  • To participate in international archeological corporations.
  • To offer educational programs for children, young people and the wider audience.
  • To lead researchers for project on architectural/urban conservation including reuse / restoration / regeneration.
  • To lead research or projects on archeological restoration and conservation.